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riversolivia.or [at] gmail.com

phone: 541-760-1701

The artist

Olivia Rivers brings other-worldly images to canvas using acrylic paint. She has a passion to express the divine feminine as well as the dance of humanity with nature.

Through a belief that creating art is opening a portal to our unconscious and unseen realms, she allows the images to come through her.

She has practiced this process for more than twenty years. She is inspired by her three children and her soulmate, Rob. She also loves animals and has three kitties, one loveable Pitbull, and four laying hens. Olivia is chiseling away at obtaining her Masters of Fine Arts and is constantly educated by her community and other artists. She has a very full and vibrant life that includes working for her husband’s business selling Celtic musical instruments, spending time with her incredible children and she also loves to cook gourmet food.

She currently resides in Corvallis, Oregon but travels to gain vision of our human story on the planet. Her greatest intention is to hold a vibration of agape love and to give the example that anyone can create art if they allow themselves to believe it.